About cards and food

by Marti

The longer I’ve been here, the more I love all these typical English things like the breakfast. I was just about to die a terrible death of hunger by the end of the shift today when I received Zsuzsi’s text, she invited me for a lunch. <3

I always say, when need is great, help is nearby.

On my way to the rendezvous I popped in a card shop to buy a lovely little card for my granny’s forthcoming birthday. In Clinton cards shop I passed lines of hundreds of different ones – christmas cards (already…), happy birthday cards for son, daughter, niece, great-great-granddad, diamond anniversary and sorry cards, happy-belated-whatever cards, finally-passed-the-bloody-exams cards, your-second-neighbour’s-dog-got-puppies-yesterday-congratulations cards and company but not a cursed blank card with a goddamned flower on it what I was hoping for. I cannot send actual happy birthday card for her with these stupid pre-formulated english wishes since she – guess what – would not understand them (and on the other side I truly hate this sort of stuff). So in the whole f* store not even a single blank card there was. Following Plan “B” I would go for a card with some cute fluffy kitten on it, my grandma loves them. Dogs – no, cats only. I found two. Both of them were printed in black and white, which is not ideal, but fine. The problem with them was that the kittens on the cards made a face of those who are walking down death row or at least suffering from some serious illness. Not suitable for birthdays, me says.

On the other hand I found cards with fishing birds, meerkats, tapirs, sloths and some already extinct animals.

So I went across the road to hit Card Factory where – exactly the same I experienced. I was rather disappointed with the whole card-system. Looks like I have to draw flowers on a piece of paper and send that to my granny.

Lunch with Zsuzsi was big time as always. Even the limited selection of food, the pathetic (but at least funny) service and the baked beans flavoured orange juice could not spoil the day… :-)