Y U no tip?!

by Marti

Dear restaurant-going people of this town,

let me introduce you to the institution of Tips, a great invention, which – it seems like – most of you have not heard of before. This is the cash you meant to leave for waiting staff when the service, that was provided by him/her is good (or above).

How do you know if service was good? Here’s some clues:

– You are not waiting for long at the door, to be seated.
– Your table, your seat, your cutlery, your glasses etc. are all clean, shiny and neat. As you may guess, they are not like that by themselves.
– Staff can answer all your questions in a professional – and patient! – manner.
– Staff is knowledgeable regarding different diets, allergies and intolerances and help you with the menu.
– Staff can make recommendations, both food- and drinkwise.
– Staff will carry your silly requirements through the army of mean chefs: whenever you wish to consume your fish filleted, with new potatoes, green beans, carrots and god knows, bechamel! instead of having it whole, with onion pure, sautéed fennel, courgette ribbons and a parsley white wine sauce as it’s said on the menu, the waiting staff have to spend extra time and effort to make sure you’ll get exactly what you want. So do the mean chefs, by the way.
– You have got everything what you need to enjoy your meal, and that includes the right cutlery. Again, they are not climbing onto the table by themselves.
– Also, you get exactly what you ordered – and not something else.
– Your glasses are topped up.
– Your plates are cleared soon after everybody’s finished. There are no unnecessary items left on the table, like the unused starter knife and company.
– Your complains are being listened to and staff makes attempt to make it up for you.
– There are candles on your dessert when it’s your birthday, without asking.
– Your bill is correct.
– Staff is smiling at you, at your completly stranger face. Remember, they are human beings, too, and they can have bad days / family issues / broken heart / stomach cramps etc.

You might think that all the above mentioned are basic.

     Well, no.

     Let me tell you, what is basic. Waiting staff’s wages, that’s what basic.

If your waiter/waitress would put only as much effort in their work (=in your dining experience) as much they get paid, well… let’s see:

– You couldn’t see through the wineglasses and your cutlery would be dirty and greasy. If you had any at all.
– For absolutely everything you’d have to wait long.
– Whatever question you had, the answer would be “Idunno”.
– You might end up having something completely unexpected on your plate.
– Should you attempt complaining about food, you’d need to face the “it’s not my fault!”-attitude.
And so on.

So when you are enjoying a romantic dinner with your love, an express lunch with colleagues, a family gathering brunch or whatever, and everything goes smoothly, the waiter/waitress is doing a good job. Feel free to say it – to the managers and supervisors!

Oh, so service charge is included in the bill…?! Just try to think about the way that the money will make, all the way through the financial department, before it finally gets split up between who knows whom…

Tip the waiting staff with cash, not only kind words!!! This is the shortest cut – and the most efficient way – to say thank you.

They won’t pay their rent with your grateful smiles.