by Marti

and again, I forgot to celebrate my 4th UK-anniversary.

best thing ever, speaking two languages. I can hide my thoughts from the other party. oh yes, I can. the only one thing is, that I can’t hide my thoughts from both party in the same time, when needed. I’d need a third language. so here come the things I want nobody to know about: xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx x xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxx xxxxxxxx xxx. xxxxxx x xx x xxxx – xx xxxxxx, xxx x xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx -, xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx. xxxx, xxxxx, xxx xx xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx.

time to time I’m still thinking; I mean, just thinking in general, I should get rid of this silly, bad habit. the main reason why I should stop thinking is xxxxxxx xxxxxx x xx xxxxxxxx, x xx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx.

* * *

ps. if I was my own shrink, I’d question myself why I used capitals in this post only in the words “I” and “UK”.

ps. ps. if I was my own shrink and I was my own patient, I’d say xx xx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx x xx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx, xxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.